“It’s now at a stage where a lot of Americans have such a loyalty to their political tribe that they are willing to go along with deeply undemocratic behavior,” he said. “If their guy says, ‘I think we should push back the election for a few years because of a possible terrorist attack,’ I fear that a significant part of the population would go along with it.”

NYT today

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What would Senator McCarthy Think?

Trump, Grays Harbor County, State of Washington, from an article about Trump —

Blodgett was born and raised in this county, where the logging economy collapsed decades ago, replaced by a simmering sense of injustice that outsiders took the lumber, built cities around the world and then left this place to decay when there was nothing more to take. The community sank into despair. Suicides increased, addiction took root. Blodgett is 59, and the rate at which people here die from drugs and alcohol has quadrupled in her lifetime.

AP today — https://apnews.com/21cc9528cabd4578996c3f118d8d656f/Trump-won-places-drowning-in-despair.-Can-he-save-them?

Trump may have won Grays Harbor County, but he is doing nothing for these people.  Their town is slowly dying, — or slowly changing into a permanent part of America.

In places where people live in poverty, for years, forever if they stay.  Is this sad?  No, what is sad is that we think someone should step in.  Could it be there is a new economy in formation.  It is a county economy.  What is sad is that those who live in the counties try to hang on to the old buildings, not used for long, no longer used.  These counties will live on, in an elegiac sense of memory.  Gradually, the sadness will become acceptance and a natural desire to move on as best one can.


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Thinking of McCarthy

The “Republicans” are debating in Las Vegas tonight.  It is interesting, and refreshing.  It is “fun” to watch.  The debate takes me away from my responsibilities for a while.  A nice change.  This is really something a Minnesota German Irish Catholic who played hockey in Collegeville, Minnesota about fifty miles from his home in Watkins, would enjoy – looking back at his campaigns for the presidency.  Maybe not. Who knows? Senator McCarthy might, and I would bet if there is a beyond, Senator McCarthy would be having some good feelings tonight.

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I haven’t put this site to use.  I created it because I had an idea.  I wanted to think about a person who was vaguely a part of my youth growing up in Minnesota and the prairie, and Minneapolis and St. Paul, . . . and then going away.  Then coming back to think about the man and the time I knew, 1968.  And then, wanting to think things from an earlier time, having passed over imagined long prairies, I might rhapsodize

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Solon Magazine — Remembering Eugene McCarthy


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Light Hearted Statements

Before a group of doctors, Sen. McCarthy opened his talk with:

I assume there may be some psychiatrists here. If any of you ever have any reservations about what people think about you — announce you are running for the presidency.


The McCarthy Wit, Bill Adler, editor (1969)

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Dominic Sandbrook

Dominic Sandbrook, an historian wrote a biography about Eugene McCarthy several years ago.  The book provides a good bit of detail about Senator McCarthy and his political life.  Mr. Sandbrook is quite harsh toward Senator McCarthy.  One must question whether Mr. Sandbrook was objective in his work.  I also question whether Mr. Sandbrook had enough life and political experience to be a judge of a person in political life.  Finally, I question the rectitude of any man being the judge of another.   A review of the book can be found in the New Yorker by Louis Menand.  I hope to write on this topic as life progresses.

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