Senator McCarthy at Funeral for Robert F. Kennedy

The assassination of Senator Robert F. Kennedy, I believe, was an event which was life changing for him.  The positions the candidates were taking in California were different.  Senator McCarthy was in the race to address a most important issue, an issue which would cause a major change in America.  A vote up or down for a candidate who was opposed to the war in Vietnam.  Senator Kennedy changed the debate and broadened the issues.

Despite the politics of the time, Senator McCarthy was deeply affected by his opponent’s death.


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I am Stephen Kerr Eugster, my family on my mother's side (Kepner and Kerr) come from Swift County. I am a lawyer. I practice law at my own law firm, Eugster Law Office PSC. I have practiced law in the state of Washington since the fall of 1970. I am mostly a public trust, public interest lawyer these days.
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