The Politician as Poet

Peter Montgomery, Eugene McCarthy (March 29, 1916, Minnesota – December 10, 2005, Washington, DC), Beltway Poetry Quarterly.

This a fine article about Senator McCarthy.  The exact date could not be found.  Maybe digging for it later will prove useful.

There is much to think about Senator McCarthy in this piece.  It is an obituary.

It hints about the change which came over Senator McCarthy during the 1968 campaign to be the presidential nominee of the Democratic Party.

Senator McCarthy became a candidate to challenge President Lyndon Baines Johnson.  The challenge was not personal; the challenge was  to bring the nation to a decision of monumental proportion — a decision about the war in Vietnam.  That was the issue of utmost importance then.  It superseded any other issue before the nation.  It was an issue which told the world what sort of a nation we had become and were becoming.

That becoming is still taking place today.  America is a nation at war.  We still need to have the discussion Gene McCarthy wanted to have, wanted us to have.


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