Scotch — Neat, No Ice

Every now and then, when entertaining myself with facts about Gene McCarthy, I come across a hint or two that he liked to talk and drink whiskey with his friends. I did not have much luck trying to figure what whiskey, he liked and how he took it. In one of my recent forays into question, I found what seemed an honest source. It is Banjo Hangout. This is what George Locke, a young reporter on the campaign, the author of the post, said about the issue in 2011.:

I flicked on the recorder and stepping boldly forward, I was about to nail this guy with the Bill Loeb question. I never got it out.

He looked straight at me with those piercing eyes, that Irish insouciant manner and commanded. “Kid. Go get me a scotch. Neat. No ice.” And he hurtled by me with [Sam]Brown in tow to land in the center of the room, beyond my view. [Emphasis added.]

My microphone drooped like a shell-shocked lover. My grand questions fell to the floor like so much cow-flap from a New Hampshire dairy farm.

I got him a scotch. I tried to find him and give it to him. But he had found a corner of the room where he held sway over everyone with his rumbling voice and solid advice. I couldn’t even get close.

So I drank the scotch. I didn’t even like scotch. . . .

Howdy Doody learned a lot that night. The biggest lesson?

He developed an affinity for scotch.

About Steve Eugster

I am Stephen Kerr Eugster, my family on my mother's side (Kepner and Kerr) come from Swift County. I am a lawyer. I practice law at my own law firm, Eugster Law Office PSC. I have practiced law in the state of Washington since the fall of 1970. I am mostly a public trust, public interest lawyer these days.
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