What would Senator McCarthy Think?

Trump, Grays Harbor County, State of Washington, from an article about Trump —

Blodgett was born and raised in this county, where the logging economy collapsed decades ago, replaced by a simmering sense of injustice that outsiders took the lumber, built cities around the world and then left this place to decay when there was nothing more to take. The community sank into despair. Suicides increased, addiction took root. Blodgett is 59, and the rate at which people here die from drugs and alcohol has quadrupled in her lifetime.

AP today — https://apnews.com/21cc9528cabd4578996c3f118d8d656f/Trump-won-places-drowning-in-despair.-Can-he-save-them?

Trump may have won Grays Harbor County, but he is doing nothing for these people.  Their town is slowly dying, — or slowly changing into a permanent part of America.

In places where people live in poverty, for years, forever if they stay.  Is this sad?  No, what is sad is that we think someone should step in.  Could it be there is a new economy in formation.  It is a county economy.  What is sad is that those who live in the counties try to hang on to the old buildings, not used for long, no longer used.  These counties will live on, in an elegiac sense of memory.  Gradually, the sadness will become acceptance and a natural desire to move on as best one can.


About Steve Eugster

I am Stephen Kerr Eugster, my family on my mother's side (Kepner and Kerr) come from Swift County. I am a lawyer. I practice law at my own law firm, Eugster Law Office PSC. I have practiced law in the state of Washington since the fall of 1970. I am mostly a public trust, public interest lawyer these days.
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