I am Steve Eugster, a man of nearly 70 years.  I am looking back, I have my health and my mind.  The energies of my body and mind seem to want to attach to what seem to me to be a theme which has always been present in my life, nearly from my earliest memory.  The theme is compassion and its advancement in life the individual and the state.

Over the years in Minnesota, Colorado, Washington, D.C., and Washington state in Seattle, Olympia, and Spokane the theme has always been present in my work, the people I have known, the objectives I have pursued and the people I have known from near and afar. One of these is Eugene McCarthy — for reasons unknown to me now, which will probably become clear as time goes on — I find in this most unusual man, qualities I would like to think reside in my own being.  Unwittingly I transfer my own notions of a well-respected and admired person onto Gene McCarthy.  To engage in such an endeavor has an interesting and vitally compelling aspect to it.  One begins to see the highly thought of man as a simple, true human being.  A person who is to be regarded with compassion and understanding and respect.

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