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I am Stephen Kerr Eugster, my family on my mother's side (Kepner and Kerr) come from Swift County. I am a lawyer. I practice law at my own law firm, Eugster Law Office PSC. I have practiced law in the state of Washington since the fall of 1970. I am mostly a public trust, public interest lawyer these days.

Robert Kennedy and Eugene McCarthy

Robert Kennedy and Eugene McCarthy — Information about the views of Robert Kennedy concerning Eugene McCarthy may be found in In His Own Right: The Political Odyssey of Senator Robert F. Kennedy, by Joseph A. Palermo. (2002).  See chapter,“The Hottest Place … Continue reading

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Running for President More than Once

Senator McCarthy had a purpose in running for president again and again, During the presidential campaign 1992 quoting Plutarch, the ancient Greek historian he said: ”They are wrong who think that politics is like an ocean voyage or military campaign, … Continue reading

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Scotch — Neat, No Ice

Every now and then, when entertaining myself with facts about Gene McCarthy, I come across a hint or two that he liked to talk and drink whiskey with his friends. I did not have much luck trying to figure what … Continue reading

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Poet Politician

Senator McCarthy, in politics, was a poet.  Think about that.  I know him as a person who wrote poetry.  This is not right, it is not enough.   As I learn more and think more of my fellow Minnesotan, I realize … Continue reading

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The Politician as Poet

Peter Montgomery, Eugene McCarthy (March 29, 1916, Minnesota – December 10, 2005, Washington, DC), Beltway Poetry Quarterly. This a fine article about Senator McCarthy.  The exact date could not be found.  Maybe digging for it later will prove useful. There … Continue reading

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Eric Snowden

Is there much to say today? I think so. In the past several days, a young man stepped forward and disclosed a massive personal fact gathering program and institution of the United States government.  Every communication is open to surveillance. … Continue reading

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Eugene McCarthy as I remember him

This is the image of Senator McCarthy I carry most often in my memory.

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